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Lorenzo - Founder and Designer
Lorenzo has spent the past five years exploring the interaction between light and nature. After his MA in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano he collaborated with Danese Milano on lighting research and some experimental projects. As initiator and founder of Bulbo, Lorenzo brings passion and vision to the everyday development of new products while strategically sourcing suppliers and collaborating with outside designers.

Sara - Co-founder and CEO 
Sara is a permanent explorer. Always in perpetual motion, she thrives on challenges and easily adapts to change. Formerly an architect, after working between research and communication for several design firms, collectives, and companies, both in Italy and abroad, she ended up co-founding Bulbo and shaping its outward identity. Today Sara is CEO of the company and also manages marketing and commercial strategies.


Henna - Content and Copywriter
She hails from a small island in the Atlantic ocean, just off the coast of Massachusetts. A graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences with a Master’s in Food Culture and Communication, Henna now lives in Bologna, Italy where she happily over-indulges in good food, does creative and content writing, and helps curate the Bulbo website and the
Illuminate collection.

The Board

Zeno - Co-founder and Production Specialist
As Managing Director of Studio Pasquini, an industrial design firm based in Bologna which supports young designers and creatives, Zeno assists Bulbo in production and supply. He is also a medical doctor, which means you won’t find him freaking out when trouble arrives.

Jean - Sales Strategist
In the past 30 years Jean has managed the Finnish company iittala’s growth all over Europe. Profound connoisseur of the design market, Jean is now bringing his experience to Bulbo in order to draw up successful sales strategies for the northern European regions.

Gherardo - Industrial Partnerships
A long history in executive level positions at several top Italian and European lighting brands (such as Targetti and Leucos) gives Gherardo a wide take on the lighting industry and market. He joined Bulbo to develop and implement production and distribution strategies through industrial partnerships.