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type: Interactive installation
event: Bologna Design Week
venue: Crete Pièce Unique
location: Bologna, Italy
project by: Bulbo, Studio Elica, Marco Morandi
sponsor: Boarini la Corte dei Fiori
year: 2015
Two ceramic designers, a young light-design brand, a multimedia craftsman, and an experienced plant purveyor came together to explore their overlapping understandings of the vegetal world in honor of Bologna Design Week, an offshoot event to compliment the annual Cersaie ceramic exhibition in Bologna. Conceptualized by Bulbo and ceramic designers from Studio Elica, and in collaboration with Marco Morandi and Boarini la Corte dei Fiori, Jungle Fever: a narrative of design pathology was an interactive, multi-sensory installation to discover the hidden universe of the natural world.

Hosted by ceramic studio and home decor boutique Crete on historic Via San Felice, the collective of creative and designers created an intricate indoor jungle. Guests were invited to take off their shoes and interact with the multitude of plants, allowing the closing of a natural electrical circle. Each plant gave off its own visual or auditory response to human touch, making for an unexpected performance by humans and plants combined.

Ceramic works by designers Carlo Pastore and Elisabetta Bovina, founders of Studio Elica were integrated into the scene while Bulbo's special lights – hacked for the occasion by Marco Morandi – not only brought light underground to allow the plants thrive, but are also were manipulated to react to human interaction. This was a creative and artistic endeavour that allowed Bulbo to express its brand and its connection and reverence to nature, in a completely alternative and inspiring way.

Jungle Fever