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type: Permanent installation
venue: TIM #Wcap offices
location: Bologna, Italy
project by: Bulbo
client: TIM
year: 2016
A shared passion for innovation and discovery led Bulbo to TIM #Wcap and resulted in a solid two years of collaboration with this startup accelerator of Telecom, the largest Italian telecommunications company.

In the spring of 2016, Bulbo unveiled the first installation of their Modular Line, the latest lighting innovation designed specifically for vertical growing. Conceived to integrate green life on a larger scale into everyday life, the Modular Line is designed for complete customization, bringing light and plant life into vertical spaces of any size.

At the TIM #Wcap co-working space in Bologna, Bulbo (with technical advice for plant installation by Green Habitat) converted 30 square meters of unused wall space into a veil of plants for a healthier and more vibrant workspace.

Green walls at TIM #Wcap offices