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type: Commissioned work
event: Cosmoprof
venue: Spazio Rolland
location: Bologna, Italy
client: Oway - Rolland
year: 2014
Oway, the organic offshoot of well-known beauty product line Rolland, has made a sustainable reputation for itself by sourcing local plants from the hills of Bologna for their hair care products. The company reached out to Bulbo for a co-branding experience in 2014 after seeing Bulbo as a natural fit for their salons which emphasize a closeness with nature, promote natural healing with plants and are strictly organic.

Bulbo was brought on board to help communicate exactly that, and the result was a customized Quadra with branded pots that were distributed to a number of Oway salons across the globe. Often lacking in natural light, Bulbo was able to bring a sense of nature back to the Oway salons, and also provide custom growing corners where fresh herbs were available for infusions and teas.

Bulbo for Oway